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See a recent post on Tumblr from @lemonade-of-gods about ichigo-x-grimmjow. Discover more posts about ichigo-x-grimmjow. Apr 19, 2008 · I'm going to take the time to answer the previously posted challenge because I can definitely demonstrate that Nel/Ichigo is the most convincing pairing in Bleach *TAKE THAT!* Question 1.) Which female character (or character in general) has Ichigo spent the MAJORITY of his time in HC with? For example, Ichigo Kurosake carries Tensa Zangetsu, which is a very large sword in it's Shikai, and morphs into a slender katana-like sword in it's Bankai form. Then there is the Zanpakuto sword carried by Kenpachi Zaraki, which always remains in it's original unreleased form because Kenpachi is strong enough he has never needed to learn ... The Nightmare Shown, Ichigo Inside the Mirror: Bleach Episode 176-177 English Subbed Mystery! The Sword-Consuming Assassin ... Her Name is Nel! The Appearance of the ...

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The Sorrowful Battle! Ichigo vs. Sado & Orihime! 16. Ichigo vs. Ginjo! To the Game's Space. 11. 21 Dec 2011. Ichigo, Mastering the Fullbring!Nel sí acierta en su dirección y logra encontrar a Ichigo mientras este atraviesa el Nido de los Tres Cifras, Nel se abalanza sobre Ichigo y este acepta llevarla con él, pero es entonces cuando aparece el Arrancar Número 103 Dordoni Alessandro Del Socacchio con una cómica entrada.

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Browse Nel Kiss Ichigo pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket Kicking Ichigo into a wall, Dordoni holds down the Shinigami with two cyclones. As Nel calls out to Ichigo, Dordoni, telling Ichigo it seems as if Nel is very worried about him, says he should use his Bankai now. Seemingly preparing to do this, Ichigo, using Shunpo to appear in front of Dordoni, swings his Zanpakutō down on the Arrancar.

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Akemi POV: After my battle with Hayate I ran to the other room which Ichigo and Nel had been in, all the while I was praying they were alright. I ran around, eventually coming to a doorway. All threw my battle I hadn't realized Hayate had driven me this far away from Ichigo. I stood there and no one was inside of the giant room. But I definitely knew this was the room Ichigo had fought that ... Ichigo vs Ichigo 007. Greeting From a Stuffed Toy 008. The Secret of Nel 193. The Irresistable, Puppet Show of Terror 194. Neliel's Past 195.